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A one- to two-year formal fellowship in renal pathology is offered in the Division of Nephropathology at the University of North Carolina.


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All fellows are integrative members of our dynamic team and receive intensive training...read more

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A one- to two-year formal fellowship in renal pathology is offered in the nephropathology laboratory at the University of North Carolina. One or two fellows are accepted into the program. The division, which is part of the Department of Pathology, has three faculty members (V. Nickeleit, HK Singh, JC Jennette); Volker Nickeleit, MD is the director of the Division. The fellows are directly involved in the diagnostic evaluation of over 1800 renal biopsies/nephrectomies (both native and transplant) examined annually. All fellows are integrative members of our dynamic team and receive intensive training. Fellows are expected to be enthusiastic, highly motivated, driven, and to work independently. They prepare cases for sign out by the faculty using all standard techniques (light microscopy, immunofluorescence microscopy, immunohistochemistry and electron microscopy). Part of the fellows' responsibility is to organize clinicopathologic and biopsy review conferences for medical faculty and housestaff, and to teach renal pathology to medical students, residents and fellows. Teaching conferences and continuous education series offered by the nephrology and transplant divisions at UNC provide additional ample learning opportunities. Although emphasis is placed on the development of diagnostic skills, fellows are expected to carry out clinicopathological and/or basic research projects and to present their data at national meetings, such as the ASN or USCAP. Research projects will focus on the pathogenesis of glomerulonephritis, allograft rejection, or polyomavirus infections. All state-of-the-art facilities (including laser microdissection) are available in the department. Appropriate research studies can be funded by the Division of Nephropathology. Clinicopathological studies are facilitated by the Glomerular Disease Collaborative Network, which is a well established network of over 200 nephrologists participating in clinical data collection. Research fellowships can be arranged in special cases contingent on available funds and areas of interest.


MD degree. Board eligibility or certification in anatomic pathology. Both US and foreign candidates are considered.


Commensurate with training and medical license. Limited funds are available to support foreign scholars.


Send letter of interest and CV to:
V. Nickeleit, MD, Director:
UNC Division of Nephropathology, Department of Pathology,
Brinkhous-Bullitt Building (Room #409), Campus Box #7525,
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7525 (USA)
Phone: ++ 919-966-2421 Fax: ++ 919-966-4542
E-mail: volker_nickeleit@med.unc.edu


Easy specimen shipment to UNC with our free biopsy kits

• Free mailing kits that contain preservatives and fixatives are provided in groups of 4. To request kits, please contact us at 919-966-2421.

• Kits are bundled with a copy of our detailed memorandum, material safety data sheets, a referral form for both native and transplant biopsies (2 separate forms), and pre-printed FedEx shipping labels for free return shipment to UNC.